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What better way to understand the impact our services have on client organizations than to hear it from the clients themselves! Our focus on delivering accurate results for our clients and implementing the latest practices in the healthcare industry bears us rich rewards. The true appreciation of our team of professionals and the quality and efficiency that Medusind offers can be seen in our client testimonials below.

"To all of our colleagues at Medusind:

Thank you for your extraordinary efforts in completing the updates to the competitor catalog data. This is critical data to ********* and completing it was a major milestone for us, Medusind, and our growing partnership.

I understand that significant amounts of work and flexibility went into this accomplishment and it is very much appreciated.

As always, it is a pleasure to work with such dedicated partners."

Manager, Product Data Governance, A Fortune 19 Company employing over 30,000 people worldwide

"Medusind Team,

You're doing such a great job within the organization, we wanted to let you know that your presence and work are acknowledged and they are helping us reach our targets and goals. You are such a valuable member of our team, and between your work level, attitude and hard work, we appreciate you.

Thank you."

Chief Financial Officer, $0.65 billion Leading Healthcare TPA network

"Medusind of Florida Inc. has increased revenue and efficiency in my practice while providing reliable services I can trust. I feel secure knowing that BilAmerica is watching over my business while I watch over my patients"

Wayne, New Jersey based M.D. Physician

"I have trusted Medusind of Florida Inc. for over 25 years to provide expert advice in contract negotiations, to see to it that every code we choose is right, and to ensure that we achieve maximum and timely reimbursement for our pathology services. Their experience and professionalism are unmatched in the industry."

St. Louis, Missouri, based M.D. Physician

"Medusind of Florida Inc.'s comprehensive reviews by their experienced coders have been very helpful to our practice. Working with Medusind reassures us that our billing is accurate and complete. We know their coders are capturing all the appropriate charges and minimizing the potential adverse consequences of overbilling.

Our Pathologists have also greatly benefitted from Medusind yearly summary that provides valuable feedback to identify and resolve areas of inconsistency. Our progressive increase in billing accuracy is a direct result of the feedback Medusind provides."

Orlando, Florida, based M.D. Physician

"We really value your partnership and commend the EXCELLENCE Medusind clearly strives for day in and day out.
Looking forward to working together to achieve mutual success for both ******* and Medusind"

CFO, Dental group based in New York

"Medusind has been an integral part of the success story of our company and we are delighted with this partnership and intend to continue to grow our business with our preferred partner Medusind in the years to come"

Chief Financial Officer - A managed care network for WC industry and Medusind's client since 2008 has been listed and recognized by Forbes 5000 as one of the fastest growing private companies in America at the end of year 2010-11.

"Our experience with Medusind over the last year has definitely exceeded all our expectations and has surpassed our previous experience working with another India based company. The level of professionalism that we see is very high as is the responsiveness and service from all levels. We absolutely value our relationship with Medusind and those we work with to deliver high quality service to our clients."

COO & Sr. VP, RCM Billing Service based in Ohio

"Outstanding work teams! Please do share this with the entire team. You are incredible and I am so fortunate to work with this awesome group of professionals!"

Quality Development Manager, HIM & MT Company, PA

"Thanks, I am happy with the job you are doing, stay focused and keep up the great work..."

Sr. Manager Reimbursement at CA based Dental Practice Management.

"Medusind has been most effective and has delivered services in a highly efficient, accurate manner. We are most grateful for their intervention and intend to continue to utilize their services."

CEO of ER Billing Company, Florida.

"I am also pleased with how quickly you moved the production. Thanks for your help and pass along our appreciation to the Project Head and the appropriate staff...."

Chairman of Billing Company, Pennsylvania.

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the work I am QA-ing for XXX. The Medusind employees deserve a well-deserved pat on the back and my eternal gratitude. I just thought you might like to have an objective opinion of the quality that is coming through. After 27 years in this profession, I am REALLY pleasantly surprised..."

QA person of HIM & MT Services Company, Pennsylvania



"Medusind has been most effective and has delivered services in a highly efficient, accurate manner. We are most grateful for their intervention and intend to continue to utilize their services."

CEO of ER Billing Company, Florida.






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